Siddhesh Sakore

      Siddhesh Sakore is a “Social Innovator”. With a technical background graduating in mechanical engineering, Siddhesh is technical expert in Waste Management and developed several cost effective mechanical devices to convert organic waste into compost. Apart from waste management, he developed several social innovations by using technology that solves real-life problems of  society. Siddhesh is passionate photographer and love adventurous travel.        Growing up, Siddhesh witnessed the misery and poverty which seemed to be the inevitable fate of a farmer in Maharashtra. The combination of economic crisis, the use of toxic chemicals that leads to unsustainable farming methods, as well as the effects of climate change form a heavy burden. Often so heavy that it becomes unbearable. For many farmers, struggling financially and facing serious health issues, suicide seems to be the only way out.
     With the organization “AGRO RANGERS”, Siddhesh will work on technical as well as methodical organic farming solutions that will ensure that farmers and their families have a future.