India is one of the world’s largest agricultural societies. Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58 per cent of India‚Äôs 1.6 billion population. Agriculture and its related industries are estimated at Rs 18.53 trillion (US$ 271.00 billion) in FY18. However the ground reality presents a different picture. The agricultural sector is in distress. 

            Many farmers face unbearable conditions that make them want to quit farming on account of toxic land practices that have rendered the soil infertile. T
his has to stop. We need farmers to feed our world. At Agro Rangers, our biggest dream is to bring the second green revolution in India through organic farming. We are starting with the villages in Maharashtra, where youth learn and understand why organic farming is cool and an extremely important profession. AGRO RANGERS empowers youth to take up organic farming and it will help to increase soil fertility. They become AGRO RANGERS-custodians of our environment, animals, plants, land, and water.

          Our goal is to make AGRO RANGERS independent from our organization and will run their organic farms in a sustainable way.  These AGRO RANGERS will get trained and educate through our organic farming expert. Our main goal is to create a movement of AGRO RANGERS who practice organic farming and introducing best practices through workshops and ranger-camps.

         Through the introduction of regenerative organic farming, we will restore the topsoil and over time, the groundwater level will be rejuvenated too. AGRO RANGERS will be experts in organic farming. Poisonous chemical fertilizers and pesticides are no longer used on their farms. Our AGRO RANGERS are brand ambassadors of organic farming. They will help us to create awareness among other industrial farmers. We want to rejuvenate our degraded soil through regenerative organic farming practices.