Rice Farm

A group work

Rice Farm

We started this project with planting 6 types of indigenous varieties of rice in one acre. Each of rice variety is nutrient rich and having marketing demand. Sahyadri school helped us in rice seeds, plantation techniques and will also help to sell the rice.

We treated the seeds with indigenous method of using cow urine, soil and cow dung. We purchased 1 trolley of tractor of cow dung to mix it in soil to increase soil fertility. This cow dung spread in the soil with local tribal youths.

The remaining farm activities such as plantation and weed management are done with help of tribal women. All activities done under guidance of Mr. Dadabhau Jachak, who is our mentor in organic farming techniques. Sahyadri school also helped us in plantation techniques and local farmer helped us to do tillage work through ox.

We have planted 6 types of indigenous rice varieties in one acre – 1. Chakhaw (Black Rice), 2. Red Rice( Kuruwa), 3. Tamkud, 4. Kumud, 5. Jondhli Jirga, 6. Ghansal.

The rice varieties are growing nicely and we are giving organic liquid fertilizers(jiwamrit).

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