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AGRO RANGERS is a non-government organisation

Registered under society registration act 1860, we are committed to the adoption of regenerative organic farming practices in India’s agricultural sector. Based in Rajgurunagar and Shirur tehsil of Pune district, Maharashtra, India; AGRO RANGERS focus on rejuvenating some of India’s worst affected agricultural lands and restoring organic carbon to cultivate land under full organic potential. The word ‘AGRO RANGERS’ means protector of farming. Through regenerative organic farming practices, we protect agriculture from harmful chemical practices. AGRO RANGERS protects the environment by preventing soil and water pollution from destructive industrial chemical farming practices. Further, we protect farmers from the vicious debt cycle of farming. We help to create health-centred communities by growing organic food.


At AGRO RANGERS, we envision a world where everyone understands the value of healthy organic food growing with regenerative organic farming methods with a focus on health and environment.


To make Regenerative Organic Farming sustainable and profitable by creating ambassadors in regenerative organic farming who will be empowered to change the mindset of farmers and consumers towards sustainable food.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on 5 main principles of regenerative agriculture - Soil, Sun, Water, Crops and microbes are the main core ecosystem. We believe that building a soil health will improve farmers, environment, animal and people’s health.

Our Impact

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Area in acres under total organic cultivation
Consumer families Connected
Building Soil Health

Building Soil Health

Increasing Farmers Income

Increasing Farmers Income

Storing Atmospheric Carbon in the Soil

Storing Atmospheric Carbon in the Soil

Improving Health Of People

Improving Health Of People

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Our Projects

Play Video about Drip irrigation
Rangers training exercise

Ranger’s Training Camp and Workshops

In this ranger camp, training and awareness programs for the Introduction of advantages of organic farming and differences between industrial and organic farming methods will be conducted.

Ambassador course

1-year Ambassadors Course

AGRO RANGERS will create ambassadors of regenerative organic farming who will contribute to a change in the mindset of both farmers and consumers in Maharashtra.

Community support in covid times

Community Support in Covid Times

We helped 9 marginalized farmers to resource their vegetables and pack them in environment-friendly baskets for distribution during the times of Covid-19.

Compost factory

Compost Factory

This compost factory will produce organic fertilizer that will be the substitute for the expensive chemical fertilizers. This organic fertilizer will produce by using locally available agriculture waste like biomass, cow dung, bone mill, human urine, organic waste.

Family farmer model

Family Farmer Model

Instead of keeping family doctor people should keep their own family farmer; so apparently, they will need less medical care. This farmer will be responsible for healthy food and sustainable health.

Innovative model farms

Innovative Model Farms

The purpose of the initiative was to make farmers more self-reliant, better-equipped and resilient in the face of recurring droughts – and climate change in general.

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Agro Rangers

Activity 1: Project – Gawbhraman

We are documenting traditional agriculture knowledge from farming community which was getting passed from one generation to another generations. After green revolution intervention, this valuable information is getting vanished. Our objective is to document all this important knowledge and use its science with modern technology. So, we can propose better solutions to farmers to build […]

Agro Rangers


Agro Rangers

Activity 2: Training centre

Activity 2: Training centre   We are introducing regenerative organic farming methodology to farmers; to restore the topsoil and rejuvenate groundwater level. To train farmers we are creating a model farm that will help us to create awareness among farmers and consumers. We can show them the benefits of regenerative organic farming. Therefore, we have […]

Agro Rangers


Agro Rangers

Activity 3: Family Farmer Model

Activity 3: Family Farmer Model   Under family farmer model, we are connecting farmers directly to consumers. We have built platform for farmers to sell directly their produce to consumers. Access Agriculture has made video specially based on a marketing model developed by our 20-25 farmers. This group of farmers is those who are practicing […]

Agro Rangers