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Agro Rangers

Helping small and marginal farmers improve their farmlands through agroforestry.

Why We Do What We Do

The numbers tell it all: 15 farmers commit suicide every day.

This fact becomes even more disappointing when we realize that in rural India, approximately 900 million people depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. And it becomes even more concerning when we consider the negative impact of climate change has accelerated soil erosion, leading to widespread soil degradation with an increase in input costs for chemicals and pesticides. Within a few short years, farmers find themselves heavily in debt, facing reduced incomes, thereby creating a vicious circle of insurmountable challenges.

Agro Rangers to the Rescue

Agro Rangers is a non-profit organization registered under the 1860 Society Registration Act with a mission to promote the adoption of regenerative and sustainable organic farming practices within India’s agricultural sector. Agro Rangers supports farmers to shift from chemical farming to sustainable organic farming through regenerative agroforestry models. We shift the mindset of farmers from chemical farming to regenerative organic farming by educating them and creating awareness.

Our Impact Plan

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, there is a pressing need for comprehensive and sustainable interventions to break the cycle of generational poverty, ensuring the well-being of India’s rural population and the resilience of its agricultural sector in the face of climate change.

Located in the drought-prone region of Pune district, Maharashtra, India, Agro Rangers focuses on revitalizing farmlands belonging to marginal and small landholder farmers through regenerative agroforestry techniques.


Over the last five years, Agro Rangers has developed the multi cropping fruit tree based agroforestry model that serves to enhance economic resilience for farmers while simultaneously improving soil quality.

Trainings & Workshops

Our training and workshops are the crucial link to leverage youthful energy, innovation and knowledge to create ambassadors of regenerative organic farming in changing the mindset of both farmers and consumers in India.
Total Trainings Conducted
0 +
Farmers Trained
500 +
Saplings Planted
25000 +
Acres of Agroforestry Implemented
25 +


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