At AGRO RANGERS, we empower farmers by providing training in Regenerative Organic Farming to make farming sustainable and profitable. At AGRO RANGERS, we envision a world where Regenerative Organic Farming with a focus on health and environment becomes the standard for communities around the globe We believe that building SOIL HEALTH leads to healthy - food, human, environment and animal health

Who we are:

     AGRO RANGERS is a non-government organization registered under society registration act 1860. We are committed to the adoption of regenerative organic farming practices in India’s agricultural sector. Based in Rajgurunagar and Shirur tehsil of Pune district, Maharashtra, India; AGRO RANGERS focus on rejuvenating some of India’s worst affected agricultural lands and restoring organic carbon to cultivate land under full organic potential. The word ‘AGRO RANGERS’ means protector of farming. Through regenerative organic farming practices, we protect agriculture from harmful chemical practices. AGRO RANGERS protects the environment by preventing soil and water pollution from destructive industrial chemical farming practices. Further, we protect farmers from the vicious debt cycle of farming. We help to create health-centred communities by growing organic food.


At AGRO RANGERS, we envision a world where everyone understands the value of healthy organic food growing with regenerative organic farming methods with a focus on health and environment.


To make Regenerative Organic Farming sustainable and profitable by creating ambassadors in regenerative organic farming who will be empowered to change the mindset of farmers and consumers towards sustainable food.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on 5 main principles of regenerative agriculture - Soil, Sun, Water, Crops and microbes are the main core ecosystem. We believe that building a soil health will improve farmers, environment, animal and people’s health.

How you can help?

Make a Donation

You can donate us any amount you wish, every penny will be counted as making the farmer's life better.


Are you looking for a volunteering opportunity at an organic farm? Are you interested in learning about regenerative organic farming practices? Do you love organic food and enjoy working on a farm? AGRO RANGERS welcomes volunteers who are committed to contribute in organizational work and field work.

Become a member

Are you a social person? Or do you have a vast network in urban areas? You could be our consumer ambassador by connecting the AGRO RANGERS regenerative organic farmers to your community for healthy organic food consumption.

Fundraise for us

Are you a social person? Or do you have many friends and a big family? You could be our Patron Ambassador by advocating to raise funds for us.

About Founder

         I am a “Social Innovator”. With a technical background, graduating in mechanical engineering, I focus on the running and operational management of AGRO RANGERS. I am passionate about developing cost-effective and environment-friendly social innovations by using technology that solves real-life problems of society. I have technical expertise in Organic Waste Management and developed several cost-effective mechanical devices to convert organic waste into compost.With my team, I have co-founded Future Step Social enterprise and handle technical support to solve issues in organic waste management. Apart from technical background, I love photography and adventurous travel.

Our Impact


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Building Soil Health

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Storing Atmospheric Carbon in the Soil

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