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Ambassador Camps

3 Day Workshop on Regenerative Agriculture:

  1. The ecosystem of regenerative agriculture, history of agriculture and practicals of compost bed preparation. 
  2. Integrated farm design and management, seed management, pest management, and weed management along with practicals of liquid manure application and organic weed spray.
  3. Marketing, grain storage, economics, and certification

Interactive Ambassador Camps:

After our first successful Ambassador workshop with the Nandi Foundation on 14 June 2020, Agro Rangers has been at the forefront of providing one-day team awareness events on organic farming. The program brings awareness to the differences between organic and conventional farming and provides live on-site demonstrations.

The camp emphasizes:

  1. Practical hands-on knowledge about organic farming and unlearning industrial farming.
  2. Continuous support and on-farm visits from Agro Rangers.

The interactive camps are the crucial link to leverage youthful energy, innovation and knowledge to create ambassadors of regenerative organic farming in changing the mindset of both farmers and consumers in Maharashtra. 

These ambassadors, we call them Agro Rangers, demonstrate organic farming as a viable, attractive, dignified and ethical profession to small land-holding farmers. Although consumers around Pune city are aware of the ill effects of pesticide-loaded food, there is a shortfall of direct linkages between farmers and consumers for building a sustainable market for organic produce.

Through this initiative, farmers learn regenerative organic farming skills, and the know-how to set up marketing & distribution channels.

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