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Activity 2: Training Centre

We are introducing regenerative organic farming methodology to farmers; to restore the topsoil and rejuvenate groundwater level. To train farmers we are creating a model farm that will help us to create awareness among farmers and consumers. We can show them the benefits of regenerative organic farming. Therefore, we have started to create regenerative organic farming training centre which will train farmers and youngsters in following aspects of regenerative organic farming –

  1. Rainwater harvesting system – Completed
  2. Contour farming model
  3. Agroforestry – In process
  4. Organic nursery – Completed
  5. Eco-friendly training space for workshops – In process
  6. Compost factory and soil health innovations
  7. Intercropping and mix cropping farming models
  8. Farm Pond
  9. Seed bank
  10. Native Forest for agroclimatic zone – In process
  11. Kitchen Garden model
  12. Eco-friendly mud domes
  13. Vegetable collection center
  14. Animal husbandry unit
  15. Value addition unit
  16. Weather Station