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Activity 3: Family Farmer Model

Under family farmer model, we are connecting farmers directly to consumers. We have built platform for farmers to sell directly their produce to consumers. Access Agriculture has made video specially based on a marketing model developed by our 20-25 farmers. This group of farmers is those who are practicing regenerative organic farming methodology to rejuvenate the soil and produce healthy food. We as a group of farmers have created platform with name of SAAD Agronics to reach more consumers. Our farmer’s self-help group is connected with more than 200 consumer families to deliver healthy organic produce. Consumers can directly order their produce from this link –

The complete organic food delivery model works on farmer-consumer relationships to build a healthy community. We are also arranging a program -‘ be a farmer for a day for consumer family’s exposure to know about how their food is being grown. Access agriculture has published our complete video from farm to kitchen on their website –